The Natural Resources and Environment Management Program offers innovative research, training and consultancy services that will help in the efficient utilization and conservation of natural resources. The expertise developed by the Centre over the years of working in this field, is utilized for research, technical assistance, capacity building and sector strategy and policy reviews in issues related to land, water and bio-resources management. This Program Group provides services for a wide range of sectors including riverSunderban basin management, biodiversity and wildlife conservation, wetland studies, EIA, urban and rural environment studies, natural disaster management studies, conservation education, Biotechnology Applications,etc. CED has taken up many research programs both in Western Ghats and Eastern Ghats Region.

Sub Programs

Land and Water Resources Studies
Forestry and Agriculture
Wetland Ecosystem Studies
Natural Disaster Management
Coastal and Marine Ecosystem Studies
Culture Heritage and Environment

The Subprogram Area Culture and Heritage Environment focus on the study of culture and heritage in Environment Management and Sustainable Development. It covers the study of traditional knowledge systems, practices and technology related to various development sectors and its importance in the current scenario. It also focus on the preservation and conservation of cultural and heritage aspects of places, arts and crafts, traditions and culture and heritage in relation to environment. It emphasize the role of traditional knowledge and experience in conservation and preservation of natural resources and how it helps in Environment Management and Sustainable Development.


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