C4 commissioning involves feeding the system with material, checking instrumentation calibration, process flows and individual equipment throughput and building up to instantaneous design throughput. A C4 certificate indicates that a unit or the entire system is complete and can operate with material.

C5, the final stage of the commissioning process, is achieved when the facility has run at and held at full continuous production at nameplate capacity for a duration of 48 hours.

Alphamin Resources admits that attaining C5 and the ramp up to nameplate capacity is taking longer than expected, as aspects of the processing plant operations are being refined and optimised.

Concentrate produced during commissioning and the plant ramp up, are being delivered to Gerald Metals in Kampala – which has taken delivery of 96 t of concentrate to date.

A further 192 t is on route to Kampala from Logu, the location of Alphamin’s marshalling yard for tin exports. From here, a further 240 t is being cleared for export prior to departing for Kampala.

Total production to date has been 528 t, Alphamin Resources notes.

Nameplate production is expected to be achieved during H2 2019. To avoid requiring any additional funding Alphamin requires break even production of circa 800 tpm of concentrate be achieved by July 2019.


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